Truth Vs Rumors About E-Cigarettes

If you’re currently a smoker, you’ve probably heard speculations about e-cigarettes. Just like in any other aspects in life, there are myths on everything and e-cigarettes come without exception. Learning to distinguish fact from fiction is the only way to disperse truth from party lines. Choosing company wisely, as well as paying attention to the information they give you is the biggest trust factor. Below are the most common myths regarding electronic cigarettes:

Myth #1: E-Cigarettes will soon be against the law
Fact: Haters of electronic cigarettes are aiming for this. Indeed there are proposed policies being implemented, but it merely involves only to certain age restrictions. Lawmakers and regulators are not inflexible to claim that these devices should be removed from the market because somehow they helped many smokers from the more harmful way of smoking. Perhaps, some places banned them, but since it becomes mainstream, it is unlikely to happen.

Myth #2: E-cigarettes are no different of tobacco smoking
Fact: While nicotine is plainly addictive, it has shown that its effects on the body is nominal. Many critics presume that since both deliver nicotine, both products have the same effects. When understanding beyond the delivery of nicotine, one will appreciate that these 2 are different. One distinction is their operation. Traditional smoking must be lighten up through lighters or matches and contain combustible tobacco, while ecigs are run by batteries and operates automatically or manually and contain only liquid nicotine dig out from tobacco.

Myth #3: E-cigarettes draw teenagers from marketing trendy packaging and sweet flavors
Fact: This is the funniest myth. Teenagers will always have problems purchasing electronic cigarettes. They should be 18 years old to purchase tobacco products. Most of all, they don’t appeal to children. Manufacturers understand that nicotine is not intended for minors. Exhilarating flavors and eye-catching packaging are designed to cross the spectrum. Too many elderly people loved the different flavors of e-cigarettes.

Myth #4: E-cigarettes are explosive
Fact: Not true, unless you use batteries not precise for your model, or disregard important instructions. Learn, and you will realize that e-cigarettes will not explode in your face. Furthermore, news articles have featured endless stories about the explosion incident in homed, hospitals and cars. The world of electronic cigarettes pointed out to media outlets that the device is not the cause of mishap. Accidents are due to damaged batteries that’s why companies constantly remind users about the proper maintenance, charging and use.

Myth #5: E-cigarettes are costly than traditional cigs
Fact: Absolutely not true. Electronic cigarettes are cheaper in every way because they are reusable and depending on the brands you will choose, you can even save as much as $2000 per year in your purchases. There are brands priced competitively, and their refills cost considerably less than tobacco cigarettes and they even have e-cig coupon codes to offer. Here are some that we’ve found.

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Myth #6: E-cigarettes are addictive than traditional cigs
Fact: More addictive in terms of pleasure and convenience, but nicotine is not the reason of addiction. Therefore, you will not crave tobacco in electronic cigarettes more than you did with traditional smoking.

Myth #7: Vapor from e-cigarettes causes second hand smoke
Fact: Absolutely FALSE. Vapor is not smoke, nor a tobacco constituent. Vapor has no smell, no odor that will offend passer-bys.

As with anything, there are myths roaming around the internet. Getting the right facts is the key to take bits with these common myths. If you’ve heard another myth, go check out the factual lines from reputable companies to find out the truth yourself.

What E-cig Brand Is Best For Beginners and Advanced Users?

“What is the best e-cig brand for you?”- This is the most common and but really difficult question to answer about e-cigs. This is because the choice depends on the users’ mindset too. It varies person to person. However, I prefer to choose logically. This will not depend on the ongoing trends. I have experienced few e-cigs and have gathered information about a lot. Depending on the features and reasonable price to me, Blu e-cig is the best one for the beginners. On the other hand, Apollo with its latest features will be perfect for the advanced level users. Now I will discuss it why they are best for two different types of users.

Blu E-cig for the Beginners

As a beginners’ e-cig people search for that one which will provide all the features with a low price. In common the customers prefer the cheapest one. However, as I have found and from the reviews of other users, Blu e-cig will meet all your demands. The compact design with the highly powerful batteries will not feel like an electric one, rather it will provide you a very light feeling with a long lasting vaporing facility. I have personally experienced the day long vaping, even with heavy vaping. The slim tube and LED light on the tip are so attractive that you will be forced to choose it. In addition, it provides a very impressive portable case including charging facility. At the same time it will provide the customization facility for flavors, nicotine strength, etc. The mild, and smooth flavor with light throat hit is appropriate for everybody.

Apollo E-cig for the Advance Users

Apollo is available with more features and all the updated facilities. Apollo includes all facilities but it is very easy to use. However, you will be able to vape 4 hours consistently. It has the same thickness like a tobacco cigarette. There are three types of starter kits to choose from. The extreme starter kit is the best one among those. It will cost you a bit more but will be perfect for the advanced users. As it has been providing the highest nicotine strength, it will meet the nicotine demand too. For advanced use you will find four vents around the cartomizer. In addition, there are a wide range of e-liquid flavors to choose from.

Blu cigs Coupon OR Apollo e cigs Coupon

The coupon codes are very helpful for purchasing both beginner’s kit and advanced kit. In Blu Premium 100 you can save 50% off the price. Within US there are the free shipping option too. In contrast, Apollo can allow you up to 25% off on its e-cigs. This will really attract the budget concerned customers.


Looking At The Top Three E-cigarette Brands of Today – V2 Cigs, Blu Cigs and Green Smoke

2014.01.10 ecigologist 050 Looking At The Top Three E cigarette Brands of Today – V2 Cigs, Blu Cigs and Green Smoke

In every industry, there’s the good, the bad and the best. The electronic cigarette industry is also full of those. There are E-cig brands that are just bad (having subpar E-cig parts and awful flavors) and are fooling people with their cheap prices. There are good brands that will give you a nice vaping experience but it would not be memorable. And there are great brands that will give you an awesome vaping experience, enough to really convince you to say goodbye to traditional cigarettes and choose E-cigarette for good. Today, let’s take a look at the top three E-cigarette brands – V2 cigs, Blu cigs and Green Smoke. No matter what E-cig review site you read, these three brands seem to always be at the top list because there’s no denying it. They are really the best brands. Let’s take a deeper look at these three brands in this article.

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V2 cigs
V2 cigs is an E-cig brand that seems to do everything right. Their batteries are powerful and long lasting, they produce thick vapor, they have great flavors (including our favorite tobacco flavor in the industry which is the V2 Red), great customer service and a lifetime warranty. They are best known for their wide collection of E-cig products including 12 amazing flavors, 6 affordable starter kits, E-cig accessories and different battery types, sizes and designs. This means that whatever type of vaper you are, there’s surely something at V2 cigs that you would love.

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Blu cigs
Blu cigs is the most famous E-cig brand in the United States. It’s been getting a lot of followers ever since it started in 2010 and the acquisition of it by Lorillard, one of the biggest tobacco company in the US even boost its power and cemented its place as one of the best E-cig brands around. As of now, Blu cigs can be bought on over 80,000 retail stores in the USA, a feat that no other E-cig brand has achieved as most E-cig brands can just be bought online. Blu cigs are best known for their sophisticated E-cig style and their infamous Blu cigs pack that has the social feature.

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Green Smoke
Green Smoke is the oldest E-cig brand among these top three brands. They have withstood the test of time and are still doing great until today. This means that Green Smoke is truly a reputable brand and people trust Green Smoke. Green Smoke is best known to be the E-cig brand that produces that thickest vapor, the most tasteful flavors and the brand that is closest to the real thing.

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Try V2 Cigs Flavors Today And Vote For Their New Summer Flavor

v2 cigs review 20 Try V2 Cigs Flavors Today And Vote For Their New Summer Flavor

If you are looking for an electronic cigarette brand that is oozing with awesome flavors, then V2 cigs is the right place for you. Electronic cigarette reviewers are loving V2 cigs flavors and is definitely ranking them at the top. V2 e-liquid flavor cartridges come in ten different varieties and are available in five nicotine  strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine or 0% nicotine. They ar3 100% US made and you can be sure it has superior quality because V2 cigs publishes their bath testing result of each E-liquid flavor cartridges in their website. V2 cigs flavors are one of our favorite players in the E-cig industry. One should definitely try V2 cigs and taste the difference.

This week, we’ve found some awesome V2 coupons from that will allow you to get instant discount on V2 cigs flavors and E-liquid. You can use this V2 cigs coupon code (VAPORLIFE15) as much as you want to, you can even use it in accordance with store wide sale to get double the savings and get 25% off:

V2 Tobacco Flavors – V2 cigs tobacco flavors will be perfect for beginners to transition to E-cigarettes as they mimic the common tobacco taste of real cigarettes

V2 Red – taste like real Marlboro Red
V2 Congress – taste like Parliamaent cigarettes
V2 Sahara – taste like real Camel cigarettes

V2 Menthol Flavors – refreshing E-cig flavors sweet but still got the taste of tobacco

V2 Menthol
V2 Peppermint
V2 Green Tea Menthol

V2 Specialty Flavors – exquisite sweet flavors perfect for those who wants something different

V2 Grapes
V2 Cherry
V2 Chocolate
V2 Coffee
V2 Vanilla
V2 Cola – awesome blend of Cola perfect for refreshment and vaping after meals

In it also important to note that you can ask V2 cigs to blend you your own personal flavor for only $225 for 100 quantity of cartridges. So if by any chance you didn’t find the right V2 cigs flavor in the choices above, simply contact them and order your own blend.

All New V2 Cigs Flavors

For several months, V2 cigs E-liquid experts are making some tests and mixing flavors and ingredients to come up with a new flavor that would be perfect for this year’s taste of summer. After hundreds of tastes, they narrowed down the flavors wit only three options that have the chance to be a part of V2 cigs 12 awesome flavor selections. They are: Mojito, Piña Colada, and Lemon-Berry. Problem is, V2 cigs team is having a hard time to choose between the three because they are all so good.

So how about you as their customer and people decide? Now it’s your turn to vote! Go to V2 cigs website today and choose between those three. Voting close on April 18th, so vote now! Be a part of choosing the newest V2 cigs flavor. Want to know what they taste like (besides delicious) before you vote? Here’s a short description of each flavors.

Mojito – Tastes like a mojito! This balanced blend of mint, rum and lime flavors will have you (and your e cig) ready to party all summer long.

Piña Colada – Send your taste buds on a tropical get-away with this sweet combination of rum, coconut and pineapple flavors.

Lemon-Berry – Cool off with your ecig during hot summer days while you enjoy the classic, refreshing flavors of strawberries and lemonade.